Have Some Fun!

When planning your Maternity Photo shoot, perhaps the most important thing to remember is to have fun! In addition to these traditional looks that will become documented reminders of the arrival of your new bundle of joy, we suggest that in a few of your photos that you let yourself go and let your fun personality show through and we’ll capture the excitement during this beautiful time your celebrating in your life! In addition, if you have children already, why not include them in a couple of the photos and share in the excitement!

Got your nose maternity photo by Phoenix photographer Orcatek
Pregnant mom has got his nose

Calmingly Beautiful

These times that we live in might be a little stressful, but capturing memories and documenting special moments doesn’t have to be. Simplicity in Maternity photo shoots is a beautiful thing! This maternity shot captures a moment of reflection for this soon to be mother. This photo captures a deep moment and bond between a mother and her unborn child. These photos will last a lifetime and someday she can share it with her child. Be sure to capture these precious moments in time with a maternity shoot and a newborn photo shoot after your child arrives.

Black and white pregnancy photo called thinking of the future by Phoenix Maternity Photographer Orcatek
Finding the light in maternity photos

New Year Excitement!

Happy New year! It’s the New Year and a fresh start! Why not have a little fun and glam with your maternity announcement? How about a star style production? Our expecting couple shared a maternity shoot together and had an incredibly fun, bonding experience. We created one of their beautiful shots into a movie poster entitled “The Baby”. This not only was an intimate experience for our soon to be parents, but they also have a fun keepsake that they can share with family and friends and will be a precious keepsake to document such an exciting time in their lives!

Baby Movie Poster Maternity

Fine Art Maternity

There are so many different options when it comes to your maternity photo shoot. An artistically beautiful option is Fine Art Maternity. The black and white photography along with creative lighting use and shadows creates an artistic look that not only documents this exciting time in your life, but is breathtakingly beautiful and would look stunning framed on your wall.

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Classic Newborn Photos

The perfect addition to your black and white fine art maternity shoot is to add on a newborn shoot to your package. The classic black and white photos of your beautiful newborn would look perfect together with your maternity photos. These priceless moments will be captured and treasured forever!

Ethan - 10 Weeks in his newborn infant photographer





Couples Maternity

Looking for a beautifully unique way to capture such an exciting time with your pregnancy? Why not include your significant other and soon to be father in your maternity shoot! It’ll be an intimate bonding experience for the two of you and you’ll have artistically beautiful fine art photos that will last a lifetime!

Tisa and Harold Maternity couples maternity photography in Phoenix



Sexy boots in the boudoir

Ladies, guys like boots on you.   Short boots, cowboy boots or most any other boot.  So if you have some, be sure to bring them to your boudoir photography session.   There are so many creative ways that we can work with them to create some really sexy images just for him.  This is just one example.

Sitting in sexy boots for this implied nude image by Phoenix boudoir photographer - Orcatek.

Of course boots are just one of the many ideas for creating those tastefully exciting photos.  When you schedule your appointment we will chat about how to make your photos personalized just for him.

Of course boots were not the only thing that I had the opportunity to shoot this week.   I did some senior portraits which are always fun.  Capturing all the special times in turning point of their lives.

And some aspiring actors got new headshots, future moms got their maternity photos taken and a great car was brought by for some automotive photography magic.

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Time to Enjoy the Holidays

With the holidays upon us again, I am taking a short break from my photography to spend time with family and friends.  I hope you can do the same too. I’ll be back in early January with some new and interesting shoots including boudoir, glamour, automotive, motorcycle, portraits and maternity.

Happy Holidays!

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