The quest for the perfect camera to make you great

Every few months a new camera hits the market.  The Canon fans are all going on about how the new super duper camera is the best thing.  Then Nikon comes out with their new camera and “one ups” Canon.  Back and forth it goes.  The wonders of the digital age create new “must have” cameras constantly.


More pixels, gotta have more pixels, at least 50 megapixels.   No you fool, the only thing that counts is sensor size.  Must be full frame.  Are you kidding, noise is what counts.  You have to have no visible noise at ISO 53200.   Wrong again, its dynamic range that counts, you have to have 24-bits.  You know your eyes can’t see that well, but it helps it post processing. 


Hey wait, let us do video too.  Video at full resolution, not this crappy HD stuff they are pushing now.  You must have 30fps at full resolution and you will have the ultimate sports camera.  You will never miss a shot and leave your competition in the dust.


The cure for bad photographer is a better camera.  The reason you don’t get those great shots is your camera.  It must be the problem.  If you had a better camera you could have gotten that shot, but your camera just couldn’t cut it.  Next year you will get a new camera and your photographs will get so good.


But what about those other photographers using their 4+ year old camera bodies that keep winning awards.  How do they do it?   I’ve even seen award winning photographs taken with a camera phone.  It must all be Photoshop.  They are using all kinds of expensive plug-ins and fancy techniques that take thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create those photographs.  You know, you’ve seen them in magazines.  They do magic. 


So do you really need a new camera to be a better photographer?  Is that the solution?  Nikon, Canon, Sony and the rest want you to think so.  After all, that’s how they make their money.  How do you make yours?  I make mine taking photographs.


Orcatek Photography – Phoenix


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