Natural Maternity

What could be more beautiful and breathtaking than celebrating and capturing your pregnancy in nature? There are so many options you can choose when planning your Maternity photo shoot. One option is going a more natural way and connecting your shoot and your pregnancy with nature. There is definitely something breathtaking and pure about this soon to be mother in all her natural beauty and glow being captured in natural light and beautiful landscape in the distance. Whatever options you choose, you’ll always have this exciting time of your life captured and documented and will last a lifetime!

Unity and Love…

Peace and love strengthening the bond of your family. When planning your Maternity Photo Shoot, there are so many creative ideas and including family to share in the excitement can be a lot of fun! An option for your maternity photo shoot is to include the soon to be father and brothers and sisters into some of the photos. This beautiful black and white shot speaks volumes of love and a family bond that is unbreakable. The memories created during the shoot and the photos that you hold will last a lifetime!

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek.


Loving Partners!

If you want to add a bit of fun to your Maternity photos, bring along your soon to be daddy to your shoot! There are so many fun ideas when it comes to your maternity photo shoot. One creative idea is to display and announce your soon to be baby’s name in toy blocks. Along with a cute outfit that ties into the block colors, this photo is fun and bright and playful…just like your new bundle of joy will be. Whatever looks you choose to include into your maternity shoot, the pictures and memories you are creating will last a lifetime!

Newborn Photo Shoot

When shooting your maternity photo shoot, another option is to add on a newborn photo shoot for when your bundle of joy arrives. This ensures that you will capture the beautiful early moments of your newborn in there very early stages which pass by quickly. The photos from this shoot are priceless and the memories will last a lifetime!

Ethan - 10 Weeks in his newborn infant photographer

Creative Maternity

This creative maternity shot abstractly combines a beautiful black and white shot of the soon-to-be mother’s pregnant belly with a couple of fun and playful color shots. These photos not only capture this beautiful time during your pregnancy that will provide life long memories, but make artistically beautiful pieces to hang up in your home.

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