Black and White Rocks

When color photography first came out, everyone was excited.  Now we could see things in the colors they actually are seen.   Slowly over time black and white faded out and was seldom used.   Along came digital and it started in color as we expected color from digital, just like we did from our film.

Now black and white images get noticed as they stand out from the sea of color photographs.  They add an artistic value in the eyes of many consumers of photography.  They create a feeling and look that just isn’t there in color.

Black and white pregnancy photo called thinking of the future by Phoenix Maternity Photographer Orcatek

Finding the light in maternity photos

Take the image show here.  It would be very different in color.  Sure it would contain more information about the tone of her skin, is she pale, tan, darker or lighter than you.  In black and white it is difficult to infer.  What becomes more important is the shapes and how light catches it.

Shadows vs light become the key to defining an image.  Creating a digital image is not as simple as choosing black and white on your camera or in Photoshop.  You need to plan ahead of time to create the textures and mood you desire.   Lighting will be planned differently to get the contrast desired.

Sure I use the B&W setting on my camera to preview the idea.  I also tweak those settings to fit my vision of the shot to aid in my set-up.

Colored filters are often used to create to change the color relationships when converted to black and white.  In color it would throw a skin tone way off, but in black and white it can enhance or reduce features as you desire.

I like to explore black and white when create maternity images as it brings them to another level.  I find clients all love seem to love it too.

Somebody’s Pregnant

We probably all know someone who is expecting.  A great baby shower gift would be a certificate for some maternity photos.   You and few friends could get together to give this special gift.

Or maybe some newborn photos would make a better gift.  Either way, photos are a gift that will last a lifetime.




Newborns have the cutest faces and it is always fun to feature them. Of course we never know what experssion we will get.

Baby Faces


This little girl decided she loves the camera. She was a very happy baby while at my Phoenix studio. That makes my job as a photographer much easier. I always allow a little extra when photographing babies to make sure we can get some great photos.

Babies, Babies Everywhere

February was the month for Maternity photos.  I had a ton of pregnant moms come in for photos (no pun intended).  It is always great to see the happiness these new babies are bringing the families.

Another thing I was happy to see was so many brought the dads and siblings in for some photos too.  Nothings better than getting the family photo where everyone is in anticipation of the new child.

Movie Poster

Baby Movie Poster Maternity

The Baby Movie

Like I said last week, I would have another fun maternity photo session idea.   Pregnancy is such a fun and special time that it is the perfect time to start having some laughs.  Coming attractions movie poster is another of my crazy photographer ideas.

You’re a Daddy

Maternity Pin-up

Maternity Pin-up "You're a Daddy!"

Sometimes it can be fun to be a bit more creative with maternity photos than tradition.  My photographer mind is always going off into left field with ideas.  We had a great time creating this photo as a fun pregnancy pin-up that everyone got a big laugh out of.  Come back next week to see another fun idea.

Maternity Photographer in Phoenix Heat

This time of year here in Phoenix is especially tough on our pregnancy portrait clients.  The heat is tough on everyone, but extra hard on those expecting.

I always tell my maternity clients to stay hydrated and help themselves to the bottled water in the refrigerator.  I rather we take a few extra breaks to keep everyone comfortable.   Of course I crank the AC down to make sure the studio is nice and cool too.

I don’t do outdoor shoots this time of year, it just isn’t safe.  Too easy to overheat.


Heart Hands

One of the classic maternity photos is known as heart hands.  Basically is the formation of a heart with your hands on your pregnant belly.

Heart hands Maternity Photo

Heart Hands for Maternity

As you can see, it is possible to create a very well shaped heart with your hands.  It does take some practice though.  So go ahead and practice a bit in front of a mirror before you come in for your maternity photo session and when your photographer ask you to make a heart, you’ll be ready.