Boudoir and Pin-up Photography

Fun week again working with some amazing people.   A few returning headshots clients.   Found out a future model and beauty queen I shot won most photogenic.   Glad I was able to help her learn a bit about how to work in front of the camera.

Lake Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ OrcatekThis shot was fun to create.   It was a hot day in Scottsdale, Arizona, so getting into the water made the weather bearable and resulted in this beautiful photograph.   Unfortunately I had to stay dry because us photographers don’t like getting our cameras wet.

Of course I also shot some boudoir and pin-up photographs this week.

Coat Rack Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek

Pin-up photography is always fun.  The flirty and sexy images  are the beginnings of modern boudoir photography fantasies.   The great thing about pin-up, is it still is a great art that is making a comeback.

Pin-up, Fine Art Nudes and More!

Another very busy week here at Orcatek Photography! Shot several amazing women in boudoir and glamour photography sessions. There are going to be some very happy guys out there soon!

And of course there was more classic pin-up photography. This style is becoming very popular and is a lot of fun to shoot.

Of course there were some headshots for some future stars. Fun shoots as they are always so full of personality.

And I also did some fine art nude photography. These images are often requested by my clients as additions to their boudoir photography sessions.

Looking at next week’s schedule it should be another great week with lots of variety.

Pin-Up Classic – Telephone

Pin-up photography is so much fun and this week I shot several shoots. When creating pin-up photographs, I often look over some of the great pin-ups through the years. One common theme is pin-up girl with telephone. So of course it is one of the photographs that I create.


Classic pin-ups were done by talented artists, often based on photographs. The artist then created the final pin-up using their creative vision to produce the final image. As a photographer I create my pin-ups in a similar way. I base the image on a photograph which I then process to create the final pin-up image. It is time consuming, but I like the end result.

Creating a classic pin-up

When creating a classic pin-up photograph, there often is a sub-story in the shot. The pin-up needs a “reason” for being there. In this case she was going on a picnic. The client brought a classic car to the studio which really helped to sell the notion of a classic pin-up, and gives the photographer some great creative options.

Of course some classic looking lingerie along with some fishnet stockings and we are on our way to making this pin-up photography work.

Whether it is modern boudoir or classic pin-up photography, I like to keep the image really focused on the person. So props are used minimally, and in the case for example we only see a small portion of the car to keep the focus on the beautiful pin-up.

BBQ Pin-up

One of my boudoir photography clients last month wanted me to do a fun BBQ pin-up for valentines.   As a boudoir photographer herself, she knew there was one photographer that she would go to for her pin-up photographs – Orcatek Photography.

Of course the pin-up was a surprise, so she requested I wait until after valentines day before I showed it here on my blog.

As you can see we had a great time creating this photograph and many others.  When I create pin-up boudoir images I like to process them to create the effect of them being graphic art like some of the classic pin-ups of the past.

For more information on pin-up and boudoir photography just click here.