Mother’s Bond!

This moment with our soon to be mother holding onto her pregnant belly is priceless. She’s feeling her baby kick and is taking in the moment and reflecting on the love she has for her soon to be bundle of joy. Whether shot in color or black & white, these beautiful moments captured in a Maternity photo shoot are so important and precious to have for the future. Life seems to happen so fast and taking the time to celebrate and document all the moments of you and your baby’s life will always last a lifetime!

Fabulous Fine Art

There are so many options to play with when creating your maternity photo shoot. We can create fun, colorful options all the way to black and white fine art maternity shots. This type of shot uses creative light and shadows along with hip, edgy wardrobe to create a classy artistic style to your photos. These images are beautiful framed and hung as artistic pieces, as well as being images to cherish that document such an exciting time in your lives!

Maternity Styles

When it comes to Maternity Photo Shoots, there are so many choices depending on what you’d like to capture. Along with the playful, cute and fun looks and artistic black and white shots, we can create more simple looks as well. There is something very beautiful in the simplicity of this maternity shoot style. Our expecting mother goes with a natural look and using only a stool and lighting techniques, an artistically magical photo is created!

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Baby Name Announcement!

This colorful, beautiful shot speaks for itself. This is a fun way to celebrate your soon to be bundle of joy by announcing and documenting their name you chose for them. These photos will be a treasure someday to remember and share with your child throughout their life. It is also a fun photo to share with family and friends to announce the baby’s name you chose!


New Year Wishes!

It’s almost the new year, and if you’re expecting you know it’s going to be an exciting new year. Full of new life, new love and overwhelming joy. Whether you’re starting your family or adding an addition to your family, let the joy of the new year be the start of this exciting, beautiful time for all. Remember that love, peace and joy is what life is all about with your family and loved ones. Happy New Year!

Heart hands Maternity Photo

It’s a Boy!

Our soon to be mother announces and celebrates the fact that she’s going to have a boy by wrapping her beautiful baby bump in blue while holding a blue flower. These moments are so precious while waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive. It is important to creatively document and capture these times for the future and these are memories that will last a lifetime!

Maternity Pregnancy where photographer uses blue fabric on belly in Scottsdale.

Natural Glow!

What could be more beautiful and breathtaking than celebrating and capturing your pregnancy in nature? There are so many options you can choose when planning your Maternity photo shoot. One option is going a more natural way and connecting your shoot and your pregnancy with nature. There is definitely something breathtaking and pure about this soon to be mother in all her natural beauty and glow being captured in natural light and beautiful landscape in the distance. Whatever options you choose, you’ll always have this exciting time of your life captured and documented and will last a lifetime!

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Loving Bond

This beautiful black and white maternity speaks for itself. Our father to be joins in during the maternity shoot for a few couple’s maternity shots. Along with the use of creative lighting and shadows, this black and white shot captures the bond of our soon to be parents and their celebration of love and the next exciting stage of their lives together.


Fine Art Maternity Love

This beautiful fine art maternity shot brings the expecting mother and the whole family together with loving hands supporting and protecting their soon to be bundle of joy! The oneness of this bond and this family is a memory that will live on through a lifetime together and the photo to remember such an exciting time in life.

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek.

Baby Blocks!

There are so many fun ideas when it comes to your maternity photo shoot. One creative idea is to display your new baby’s name you picked in toy blocks. Along with a cute outfit that ties into the block colors, this photo is fun and bright and playful…just like your new bundle of joy will be. Whatever looks you choose to include into your maternity shoot, the pictures and memories you are creating will last a lifetime!