Capturing Precious Milestones

Planning your Maternity photo shoot is so fun and exciting! You can capture this exciting time waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive. Another option to think about is that we offer packages that include a newborn shoot and an additional shoot on your baby’s first birthday included with your original maternity shoot! Time seems to fly by so fast from the moments of celebrating your pregnancy all the way to your baby’s 1st birthday this time is so precious and the milestones and memories should be professionally captured to cherish for a lifetime!

Family Portrait Maternity

Bringing a new baby into a family is always a special event.  Remembering the pregnancy with the entire family is becoming a popular addition to maternity photo sessions.   Sometimes its siblings, other times it is grandparents are brought into the shoot.

Typically the siblings arrive towards the end of the shoot after mom has gotten her solo photos taken.  This allows mom to concentrate on creating great photos without having to worry about anything else.

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek.

There are as many options as there are families when it comes to creating the perfect maternity photo.  We are always open to your ideas to help you make your photos a true reflection of you.

Little Feet

Shortly after maternity photography session a bundle of joy enters your world.   And of course you will come back to get some great newborn photos.  One of the fun things to do is to compare how tiny your newborn is as they grow so very fast.

Big and Little feet newborn baby by phoenix maternity photographer orcatek

Valentines Day is approaching

With the approach of Valentines day I am being kept busy with boudoir photography.  After all, it does make a great gift for Valentines day.

Sexy intimate boudoir photo for valentines day by  boudoir photographer, Orcatek in Phoenix, Arizona.

Still getting a lot of maternity clients too.  It seems pregnancy photos are hot this time of year.

And I have also a few of my maternity clients returning to get photos of their newborn babies.

It has been a great week to be a photographer, as I have had some amazing clients.

Busy, but fun week

This time of year the studio gets very busy.   Of course boudoir photography clients lead the requests this time of year, a surprising number of maternity clients having been booking for December.   Each day seems to hold a new surprise.

Saturday I shots some behind the scenes shots of K. T Cools new music video.  Great song and a great group of people on the set.  Everyone was great to work with.  I also helped them get some models for the video.   Here is a quick shot of K. T Cool.

K. T Cool musician portrait shot by Phoenix photographer, Orcatek

With the holiday’s getting close, a lot of gift certificates are being purchased for photo sessions and photography classes.

Keep it safe this holiday season.

E-mail me at to get coupons just in time for the holidays!

Shower time

One of the favorite set-ups for sexy boudoir photography is a bathtub or a shower.  Some bubbles and wet skin just make for a very intimate photograph, like you are intruding into her life.

Sexy Shower Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Intimate Photographer Orcatek

This is especially effective when she is not looking into the camera, as if she is an aware.  Of the reality of having flashes and my female assistant helping adjust this and that makes this just a fantasy, and fantasy is what great boudoir is all about!

I take this idea one step further and have used it for my maternity photography clients.   It is not to be sexy, but to create a very intimate photograph.  It sets a mood of a quiet time when the mom to be is relaxing, enjoying some time to herself.

I like to give my clients something different, so every shoot may have it’s standards, but I always like to shooting something I haven’t done before.   This is how the shower/bath became one of my maternity classics.   Of course it helps that I have a bathtub set in my studio.

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Pin-up Dolls

One of the most fun I had this week was shooting the Phoenix Pin-up Dolls.  The group came to see me because they like the retro styling I give to my pin-up photography.  Here is a quick shot of the entire group.

Sexy Phoenix Pin-Up Dolls Glamour Photographer  Arizona

As you can see I had blast shooting this group of pin-up ladies.  This next photograph is an example of the styling that I give my pin-up work.

Sexy Phoenix Pin-Up Dolls Glamour Photographer Boudoir Photography Arizona

As you can see, I convert the image from a photograph to a graphic with a retro styling.  It adds some fun to the image, and pin-up is all about fun.  Of course being a bit sexy is part of it too, but it must be very tasteful to be true to form.

Tasteful images are also what makes great boudoir photography too.   Show too much and the image loses it sexiness.   Hinting is key, and that is where my experience comes creating these sexy intimate photos becomes important.

Next week has a few surprises coming.  With my clients permission, you might just see something very unexpected from me.

Kaidynce – Future Star

I found Kaidynce at a pageant a few weeks ago, and she was just full of personality. So I brought her into the studio to get some shots of her to see if it carried through on camera. As you can see from these few samples, it did.

Kaidynce was a real pleasure to work with. I asked her to show me some different expressions, are these are a few of what I got.

How to succeed as a photographer – Part IV

This is the final part of my series on how to be a success as a photographer.  In past blog articles I wrote about working with your clients, providing them with what they want and equipment choices.  This week I am going to write about some more tools and training.  I am going to assume you are working with a digital camera like me. 

The worst thing any photographer can ever say is “No problem, I will fix it in Photoshop.”  I can only wish every time a photographer says this they get a shocked by their camera – ZAP!  Yes Photoshop is a great tool for photographers, but it should be used to enhance a good photograph.  Removal of stray hairs or getting rid of blemishes are good uses for it.   You need to get the shot right in the camera first or it’s like putting pants on a pig, its still a pig.

You may have noticed I said Photoshop.  There are several other good programs available that you can also use such as Gimp or Paintshop.  The challenge with these programs is when the time comes to share your work or even get training your options will be limited.    In the end you will need a good program to retouch your images.  Or you can hire a service to do this for you.  This can be a good choice as you spend your time taking photos and not sitting in front of the computer.

The next question I get is, “What plug-ins should i buy?”  Plug-ins are those add-ons to Photoshop that automate and add features.  None are actually needed to do standard retouching.  You can achieve what you need to do without them.  Some are nice to have as you have revenues, as they can save time.  If you must spend some money, I suggest looking at a sharpening tool and a skin softener.  Learn to use them with a lite touch.   You will hear the term selective / masking in Photoshop.   You can download trials from almost every major vendor.  It is a matter of tasted as to which works best for you. 

Learn to create or find some actions to do your work.  Actions are an automated series of steps in Photoshop that are processed very quickly.  I have about four actions that I use daily which I have created.  These are about fifteen to twenty steps long.  What would take me over ten minutes to do manually, the action will do in about a minute.  For example, I use an action to take a two page album spread and cut it into two images, adjusting the image for the gutter (area where pages come together in the center of the book) so the spread looks good when the book is opened. 

If you can’t write your own actions, look on-line for them using one of your favorite search engines.  One good action site is – Lots of free actions.  Even if you don’t use them, you can see how they were constructed and learn some things about Photoshop can be used.  Assign the ones you like use to function keys to save time when you want to run them.  You can even use these in batch processes to do a hundred images at once – great for weddings. 

Get some training on using Photoshop.  Attend classes, get a book, read magazine articles,  or even on-line.  Lots of good free Photoshop videos are available on YouTube.  Photoshop is very powerful and some basic training will go a long way towards learning how to use it. 

The one tool you should get is a graphic tablet, such as those made by Wacom.  They make a small tablet that does everything a photographer needs – the Bamboo is about $80.  It will save you huge amounts of time and improve accuracy once get used to using it.  Later you may wish to upgrade to a larger one, but I have both and have found the small one is just as good or possibly better for my photo retouching work. 

The other big time saver I cannot stress enough is learning the keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop.  This will save you so much time you can’t imagine.  It doesn’t take long to learn either.  Here’s how you can learn them quickly.  Each time you need to click on a tool or menu item, look at the short cut and then use it instead of clicking.   The items which you use a lot you will learn in a very short period of time. 

Once again I’ve gotten long a bit winded in this blog article.  Feel free to drop me a line with any questions you might have.  For those who are in the Phoenix area I do teach retouching with Photoshop. 

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