Feel the Kick!

A beautiful moment in this black and white maternity photo as our soon to be mother takes a moment to reflect and feel her baby.  The black and white along with creative lighting and shadows create a beautiful intimate feel to the photo. This fine art photo will look beautiful displayed and act as a reminder of a bond that will never be broken.

Black and white pregnancy photo of her hand on belly by Phoenix maternity photographer, Orcatek.

Black and White Rocks

When color photography first came out, everyone was excited.  Now we could see things in the colors they actually are seen.   Slowly over time black and white faded out and was seldom used.   Along came digital and it started in color as we expected color from digital, just like we did from our film.

Now black and white images get noticed as they stand out from the sea of color photographs.  They add an artistic value in the eyes of many consumers of photography.  They create a feeling and look that just isn’t there in color.

Black and white pregnancy photo called thinking of the future by Phoenix Maternity Photographer Orcatek

Finding the light in maternity photos

Take the image show here.  It would be very different in color.  Sure it would contain more information about the tone of her skin, is she pale, tan, darker or lighter than you.  In black and white it is difficult to infer.  What becomes more important is the shapes and how light catches it.

Shadows vs light become the key to defining an image.  Creating a digital image is not as simple as choosing black and white on your camera or in Photoshop.  You need to plan ahead of time to create the textures and mood you desire.   Lighting will be planned differently to get the contrast desired.

Sure I use the B&W setting on my camera to preview the idea.  I also tweak those settings to fit my vision of the shot to aid in my set-up.

Colored filters are often used to create to change the color relationships when converted to black and white.  In color it would throw a skin tone way off, but in black and white it can enhance or reduce features as you desire.

I like to explore black and white when create maternity images as it brings them to another level.  I find clients all love seem to love it too.

Take Care

When you think about your new baby, just remember, what you eat, they eat.   So during this time try to eat extra healthy.  Your new baby will thank you.

And of course, if you eat healthy, you will have that beautiful pregnancy glow for your photographs.   As your maternity photographer, I want you to look your best.

Is the New Year bringing a new baby?

If the New Year has a baby in it, you are very lucky.  There is so much planning that goes into new child that you are very busy.   One thing I suggest is find a way to spend as much time with your baby as possible during the first few years especially.  It will reap benefits for many years to come.

Good luck and hope your baby is happy and healthy!


Newborns have the cutest faces and it is always fun to feature them. Of course we never know what experssion we will get.

Baby Faces


This little girl decided she loves the camera. She was a very happy baby while at my Phoenix studio. That makes my job as a photographer much easier. I always allow a little extra when photographing babies to make sure we can get some great photos.

Baby Boy on the Way

Always get requests for different ideas as a maternity photographer.    This time the desire was to use blue fabric to show off the baby bump.

Maternity Pregnancy where photographer uses blue fabric on belly in Scottsdale.

Baby Bump in Blue

It is a beautiful way to show the future boy is on the way.  Of course the follow-up with newborn photos is often not far behind.   Can’t wait to meet this little cutie.

Classic B&W Belly

As you probably know by now I love the classic images when it comes to maternity photography.  I guess somewhere in the photographer part of my brain I can’t not shoot some of these beautiful images when I have a pregnant woman in front of my camera.

Classic B&W Maternity Belly

Classic B&W Maternity Belly Photograph

Looking at this photo as inspired my next fun maternity photo.  Soon as I get a chance you will see something I’ve never seen before.  It’s going to be great.  Don’t miss out.

Pregnant Flasher

Unfortunately, we’ve probably all see those “Girls Gone Wild” commercials with those young women flashing for the camera.  Luckily our pregnant flasher was much more tasteful.  Just a simple flash of her growing belly.

Flashing her big pregnant belly to materinty photographer Orcatek in Phoenix.

Pregnant belly flash

All kidding aside, it’s fun for me as your photographer to play around a little when shooting maternity photos.  I am always trying to create something fun and new.   I have some really fun shots coming up in July, so you’ll just have to keep coming back to see.