One Year Celebration!

In addition to our Maternity Photography, we also offer packages that include a newborn shoot and an additional shoot on your baby’s first birthday along with your original maternity shoot! Time seems to fly by so fast and from the moments of celebrating your pregnancy all the way to your baby’s 1st birthday this time is so precious and the milestones and memories should be captured to cherish for a lifetime!


More cute newborns

Some of my maternity photography clients returned returned recently for photos of their newborn baby.  As a photographer it makes me feel great to see how happy these new families are.

Ethan - 10 Weeks in his newborn infant photographer

Cute baby smiles for photographer

Working with infants can be challenging for a photographer because they tend to set their own schedules.   So I always have some flexibility in my schedule for these sessions to allow for this.   I would always rather take a few extra minutes to allow for a meal break to make sure we have a happy baby.  It makes all the difference in the final result.

Sleep little darling

One of the things that new parents enjoy is watching their newborn baby sleep.  So of course some classic newborn photos always feature them sleeping.  In fact getting wide eyed newborn photos is a challenge because the do sleep so much.  So we like to advantage of the sleeping to get some cute photos.

Sleeping Baby Newborn

Sleeping Baby Newborn

I really like black and white (B&W) photos of newborns.  It makes for a pleasing tone and sets a very nice mood.   New moms often worry about the blotchiness that their newborn often has, and B&W is a great way to conceal it.  The end result is a beautiful baby photo.

I allow extra time for my newborn shoots so we can work around their schedules. From naps to meals to changing.  Being a flexible photographer is the key to making this memorable photos.

Keeping your hands full

When of the best parts of my job is the longterm relationships than are often developed with my clients.   Often I am first hired to be their boudoir photographer.   Then they come back for their maternity photos.  And shortly after that they will return for photos of their newborn baby.

These photos are typically taken within a week or two of the baby’s birth.  The ideas is to capture how tiny they are as they grow so fast during the first few months.

already a handful newborn baby by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek

Newborn baby is a handful

I refer to this pose as the handful pose. It is one of several poses I like to use with newborns to show just how tiny they were. This time our little star was awake, but very often they are asleep for many of the photos. Of course everybody’s heart just melts when they see those cute sleeping little babies.

Of course they will continue to grow-up so much faster than you can imagine.  Before long they will be graduating high school and need senior pictures.  Then college and then kids of their own.

So be sure to capture all those special times as time will pass so quickly.

Little Feet

Shortly after maternity photography session a bundle of joy enters your world.   And of course you will come back to get some great newborn photos.  One of the fun things to do is to compare how tiny your newborn is as they grow so very fast.

Big and Little feet newborn baby by phoenix maternity photographer orcatek