Pin-up Dolls

One of the most fun I had this week was shooting the Phoenix Pin-up Dolls.  The group came to see me because they like the retro styling I give to my pin-up photography.  Here is a quick shot of the entire group.

Sexy Phoenix Pin-Up Dolls Glamour Photographer  Arizona

As you can see I had blast shooting this group of pin-up ladies.  This next photograph is an example of the styling that I give my pin-up work.

Sexy Phoenix Pin-Up Dolls Glamour Photographer Boudoir Photography Arizona

As you can see, I convert the image from a photograph to a graphic with a retro styling.  It adds some fun to the image, and pin-up is all about fun.  Of course being a bit sexy is part of it too, but it must be very tasteful to be true to form.

Tasteful images are also what makes great boudoir photography too.   Show too much and the image loses it sexiness.   Hinting is key, and that is where my experience comes creating these sexy intimate photos becomes important.

Next week has a few surprises coming.  With my clients permission, you might just see something very unexpected from me.

Fun in a sauna

Another great week here at Orcatek.  One of my favorite shots I found while reviewing some of my boudoir photographs was this one taken in a sauna.  The sauna made for a great location to create a sexy and intimate photograph to create some interesting variety.

Sauna Boudoir Photographer Phoenix AZ Pin-up Photographry Tempe Arizona Orcatek

Shooting outside the studio with my boudoir clients can be a great deal of fun.  It presents a ton of opportunities to make the images very personal.

Now that the weather is going to cool down soon, I will be doing more work outdoors again.  Headshots and portraits often look great when shot outdoors.

Be a covergirl in tasteful boudoir.

When you go to your favorite newsstand today, check out the latest issue of College Gentleman Magazine.  I photographed the cover and the correspond photo shoot inside.   The magazine is all about tasteful sexy  boudoir photography.   When I had a pre-release copy out for lunch, several of the staff walked by and commented on how hot they found the cover.

College Gentleman Cover Magazine tasteful Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona sexy Photographers intimate Orcatek

I was selected to do this shoot because of my experience making woman look sexy and beautiful in intimate photographs.

I frequently hear “sure you can make a model look great, but I’m no model.”    The same tricks I use to make the girls in the magazines look perfect are what I use for my boudoir and glamour clients. My goal as your photographer is to make you look like you belong in a magazine.

Boudoir and Pin-up Photography

Fun week again working with some amazing people.   A few returning headshots clients.   Found out a future model and beauty queen I shot won most photogenic.   Glad I was able to help her learn a bit about how to work in front of the camera.

Lake Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ OrcatekThis shot was fun to create.   It was a hot day in Scottsdale, Arizona, so getting into the water made the weather bearable and resulted in this beautiful photograph.   Unfortunately I had to stay dry because us photographers don’t like getting our cameras wet.

Of course I also shot some boudoir and pin-up photographs this week.

Coat Rack Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek

Pin-up photography is always fun.  The flirty and sexy images  are the beginnings of modern boudoir photography fantasies.   The great thing about pin-up, is it still is a great art that is making a comeback.

Glamour, Maternity and Headshots oh my

I just realized that it’s already July. Where has the time gone? I know my time has gone into creating some amazing photographs for my clients. One of the shoots I had some fun with was creating some glamour images for a young model name Lizzie.

She is just starting out as a model and wanted to try a few things out to see what styles of photography she liked.
Lizzie Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek I liked the wind in her hair on this photograph.

Another future mom chose me has her photographer for her maternity photo book. She was 8 months along and looked great. Pregnancy so often can bring a special something to a woman that just needs to be captured in a photograph. She brought her husband to the shoot and we got some great couples shots for their book.

A few people came in for headshots for their business cards and websites. Clients like to see who they are dealing with. It provides a feeling of trust since.

Hopefully the heat will be gone soon, but I know it will be at least 6 more weeks. We did get a bit of rain this week which was nice.

Another National Magazine Cover

With the latest issue of College Gentleman Magazine on the news stands, I can share with you some of the images I shot for this issue.
Silke College Gentleman Magazine Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek

As your photographer, when it comes to boudoir photography I want you to look like you just stepped out of a magazine. Every woman deserves to look like a classy centerfold at least once in her life. The same techniques that I use to create those super sexy magazine photos are what I use when I create your boudoir photographs. You will be absolutely beautiful.

Wanna play some Football?

Sure a lot of people are watching the world cup, but some of still like our football. Of course when you have players like this, we all know why.
Play Football Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek
So this will be one of the new themes for my boudoir photography clients. Of course I putting together other sports themes too. These make fun additions to boudoir calendars.

The week also had some fun headshot clients, a future super model updated her portfolio and some future moms had some maternity photography to capture the beauty of their pregnancy. Next week has some newborn photography, a nature photography class and I will be able to show some of my recent magazine tear sheets now that they have been printed.

Sometimes less is more for boudoir photography

I have always said that for boudoir photography to achieve its goal it needs to inspire the imagination. And that means keeping some things under wraps. If you show it all, then the imagination has nothing left to do and the photograph becomes less interesting.

We want the mind to think about is what is going to happen next. What we might have seen had something been moved just a bit more. It is the idea that we are sneaking a peek, or what we weren’t supposed to see that adds to the excitement of the image.
Boudoir Photography Phoenix Sexy Private Glamour Photographer Arizona Orcatek

This photograph is a perfect example of a sexy boudoir image. The male mind thinks if the shirt had been pulled open a tad more or lifted up a bit I might have seen something that he wants to see. And that idea is why it works. Had we been “flashed” then the mystery would have been lost and the sexy surprise the photographer wanted you to think about would be lost.

Just think about the tease and when you come in for your boudoir photography session.

Windows and Boudoir

Whenever I do boudoir photography on location, I always hope for a big window in one of the rooms. The light coming through that window is so often just perfect for boudoir. Sure it may take a few tricks to get it to behave just right, but the end results are amazing.
Boudoir Photography phoenix arizona sexy photographer orcatek window light intimate
For the studio I have just acquired a new prop that will be perfect for boudoir photography sessions. I will also be using it for pin-up and will give it a try with some maternity. What can I say, I love this new prop.
Bathtub Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek
It took a very long time to find one I liked, but it’s finally here!

Pin-up, Fine Art Nudes and More!

Another very busy week here at Orcatek Photography! Shot several amazing women in boudoir and glamour photography sessions. There are going to be some very happy guys out there soon!

And of course there was more classic pin-up photography. This style is becoming very popular and is a lot of fun to shoot.

Of course there were some headshots for some future stars. Fun shoots as they are always so full of personality.

And I also did some fine art nude photography. These images are often requested by my clients as additions to their boudoir photography sessions.

Looking at next week’s schedule it should be another great week with lots of variety.