Underwater Glamour and Boudoir Photography

This week my most interesting shoot was a glamour and boudoir shoot that the client wanted to shoot a portion of it underwater.  Many photographers had told her they couldn’t do it.  Since I do a lot of underwater photography when I travel, it was no problem to did out my gear for my camera and be her underwater photographer.

The water was very warm making the water feel great for both of us.  Her hair floated around in the water creating beautiful glamour pictures that just would not be possible any other way.  The patterns the sunlight made on her skin created some very interesting looks.

Underwater Boudoir and Glamour Photography in Phoenix

Underwater Boudoir and Glamour Photography in Phoenix

Being in the water created a very intimate feel to the photographs that was both sexy and playful.   She was having a great time doing the poses we created, even risking losing her contacts by opening her eyes.  The shoot was so much fun it ended up running a bit long, but the final result was worth the extra time it took.

This was the first request I have had for a boudoir photography session underwater, but after seeing the photographs I am sure that more clients in the Phoenix area will want to add this style to their shoots.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona