Sometimes less is more for boudoir photography

I have always said that for boudoir photography to achieve its goal it needs to inspire the imagination. And that means keeping some things under wraps. If you show it all, then the imagination has nothing left to do and the photograph becomes less interesting.

We want the mind to think about is what is going to happen next. What we might have seen had something been moved just a bit more. It is the idea that we are sneaking a peek, or what we weren’t supposed to see that adds to the excitement of the image.
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This photograph is a perfect example of a sexy boudoir image. The male mind thinks if the shirt had been pulled open a tad more or lifted up a bit I might have seen something that he wants to see. And that idea is why it works. Had we been “flashed” then the mystery would have been lost and the sexy surprise the photographer wanted you to think about would be lost.

Just think about the tease and when you come in for your boudoir photography session.

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