Twins and More

I’ve had a recent trend. In the past month I have photographed several women who were pregnant with twins and triplets. With the baby bump getting big fast, they came in much earlier for their maternity photography.

I’m sure it was just an odd coincidence and not something in the water LOL.  Everyone seem really excited about this, which I love to see.   As this joy comes through in the photographs.

Good luck to all you wonderful moms.   See you soon for your newborn photo sessions!


Babies, Babies Everywhere

February was the month for Maternity photos.  I had a ton of pregnant moms come in for photos (no pun intended).  It is always great to see the happiness these new babies are bringing the families.

Another thing I was happy to see was so many brought the dads and siblings in for some photos too.  Nothings better than getting the family photo where everyone is in anticipation of the new child.

Heart Hands

One of the classic maternity photos is known as heart hands.  Basically is the formation of a heart with your hands on your pregnant belly.

Heart hands Maternity Photo

Heart Hands for Maternity

As you can see, it is possible to create a very well shaped heart with your hands.  It does take some practice though.  So go ahead and practice a bit in front of a mirror before you come in for your maternity photo session and when your photographer ask you to make a heart, you’ll be ready.

The bellies have it.

As a maternity photographer, I know the key element of the photos will be the belly.  The key is how to feature the belly in a photograph.  I am always coming up with new ideas to make it fun.  Over the next few weeks I hope to be showing a wide variety of traditional and very non-traditional maternity photos.

Hopefully this photos will give you some ideas for your maternity session with me.  And just because you haven’t see a photo here, doesn’t mean I haven’t done it.  I only show photos with permission, so there are lots of others ideas available.

Black and white pregnant belly

B&W Maternity Belly

I like to vary between black and white and color photographs for maternity.  Both work well with this type of portrait.  The great part about digital, is you can choose B&W or color after the maternity photos have been taken.


Silhouette Photos for Pregnancy

There are many styles of photos that are popular in maternity photography.   One of my favorites is the silhouette.  It is a unique way to show off that big belly.  I use a variety of poses when creating these photographs.  Often it is mom alone, but the image also works with others in the photo.

Silhouette photo of pregnant woman

Silhouette maternity photography

These photos make great art pieces to hang as a large canvas in the home.  It is something a bit different and something that a lot of studios don’t create.  Keep an eye for some new unique ideas I will be showing over the next few months.  You never know what I’m going to try next to make unique maternity photographs.


Got your nose

Siblings always are a nice addition to a maternity photography session.   They show how the new child is becoming part of the family.  As a photographer I will discuss the shoot with the future mother before her appointment.  I suggest that the siblings be brought to the studio for the last part of the session.  This allows the creation of the rest of the photos without having young children getting bored waiting.  Which in turn will result in better photos with them.

I often will catch a moment when everyone is just being themselves.  These photographs tend to make very special maternity memories.  I call this shot got your nose.

Got your nose maternity photo by Phoenix photographer Orcatek

Pregnant mom has got his nose

This type of playfulness is just the kind of memory one wants to remember.

My job as the photographer is to always be aware and to bring a comfort level to the maternity session that allows for true family interaction to be captured.  You can easily see how much fun is going to be had with this new baby.


Family Portrait Maternity

Bringing a new baby into a family is always a special event.  Remembering the pregnancy with the entire family is becoming a popular addition to maternity photo sessions.   Sometimes its siblings, other times it is grandparents are brought into the shoot.

Typically the siblings arrive towards the end of the shoot after mom has gotten her solo photos taken.  This allows mom to concentrate on creating great photos without having to worry about anything else.

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek.

There are as many options as there are families when it comes to creating the perfect maternity photo.  We are always open to your ideas to help you make your photos a true reflection of you.

Little Feet

Shortly after maternity photography session a bundle of joy enters your world.   And of course you will come back to get some great newborn photos.  One of the fun things to do is to compare how tiny your newborn is as they grow so very fast.

Big and Little feet newborn baby by phoenix maternity photographer orcatek