Pin-up Dolls

One of the most fun I had this week was shooting the Phoenix Pin-up Dolls.  The group came to see me because they like the retro styling I give to my pin-up photography.  Here is a quick shot of the entire group.

Sexy Phoenix Pin-Up Dolls Glamour Photographer  Arizona

As you can see I had blast shooting this group of pin-up ladies.  This next photograph is an example of the styling that I give my pin-up work.

Sexy Phoenix Pin-Up Dolls Glamour Photographer Boudoir Photography Arizona

As you can see, I convert the image from a photograph to a graphic with a retro styling.  It adds some fun to the image, and pin-up is all about fun.  Of course being a bit sexy is part of it too, but it must be very tasteful to be true to form.

Tasteful images are also what makes great boudoir photography too.   Show too much and the image loses it sexiness.   Hinting is key, and that is where my experience comes creating these sexy intimate photos becomes important.

Next week has a few surprises coming.  With my clients permission, you might just see something very unexpected from me.