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The Baby Movie

Like I said last week, I would have another fun maternity photo session idea.   Pregnancy is such a fun and special time that it is the perfect time to start having some laughs.  Coming attractions movie poster is another of my crazy photographer ideas.

Pregnancy at Sunrise

Sometimes you just have to have some fun when creating maternity photos.  A lot of moms joke about how big their bellies have become, and this time I asked if we could do something fun.   She was more than willing to get a photo that would be a very non-traditional photo of her pregnancy.

This concept was based upon some photos I had seen of the sunrise over the earth from space.  So with some careful lighting, a fair amount of Photoshop and mom who likes to have fun, this photo was created.

Space Maternity Photographer in Phoenix AZ

Sunrise Over Pregnant Belly

The final photo is a combination of four images.  The belly and the moon are photos which I took, the space is from the Hubble telescope, and the sun flare is a Photoshop created image.

For your maternity photographs, imagination is the only limit.  So talk with your photographer about any ideas you have no matter how “crazy” you think they might be.

Retouches for Maternity

Many moms to be are concerned about showing their bellies during their maternity photography sessions.  Stretch marks are the most common reason.

Not to worry.  Retouching is part of are standard packages.  This includes removing stretch marks so your belly will be picture perfect.  Our experience shooting glamour for magazines comes through when we create your maternity portraits.  Your pregnancy photos will be beautiful.

Busy, but fun week

This time of year the studio gets very busy.   Of course boudoir photography clients lead the requests this time of year, a surprising number of maternity clients having been booking for December.   Each day seems to hold a new surprise.

Saturday I shots some behind the scenes shots of K. T Cools new music video.  Great song and a great group of people on the set.  Everyone was great to work with.  I also helped them get some models for the video.   Here is a quick shot of K. T Cool.

K. T Cool musician portrait shot by Phoenix photographer, Orcatek

With the holiday’s getting close, a lot of gift certificates are being purchased for photo sessions and photography classes.

Keep it safe this holiday season.

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What a fun week

I had an amazing array of clients over the past week.  I have numerous students take private photography lessons.   I really enjoying helping other photographers develop their photography skills.

An old friend from high school need senior portraits for her daughter.  We did a mix of location and studio shots.  It was fun to catch up while her daughter was changing outfits.

Outdoor senior portrait

Also this week a shot a great deal time enjoying time as a pin-up photographer.   Pin-up is always a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Lots of laughing going on as we try to capture those flirty looks of classic pin-up.

Sexy cook checking recipe in here cookbook in this retro pin-up art © Orcatek Photography - Phoenix

I take the base photo from the shoot and convert it to an pin-up illustration using way too many steps in Photoshop.  I like the end result, so I will keep doing it.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.   I know I ate too much.

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The Magic of Retouching

An example of portrait and headhshot retouching by phoenix photographer, Orcatek.Most high end photography today is retouched.  The amount of retouching I do really depends on the type of photograph.  For example an actor’s headshot will get a retouch which just does a basic clean-up.  An actor needs to look like their headshot when they come to the casting.

Now for family and senior portraits the retouching can be a little bit heavier.  Some extra polish on the skin, removal of scars and softening of lines.

Of course the most retouching can be done for boudoir photos.   These photos are about fantasy and glamour.  So super smooth skin and even sometimes some digital plastic surgery all in line with creating that final look.

Great retouching makes the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.   Today retouching is done in Photoshop.   In the past it was done in the dark room.  Hollywood had teams of retouchers that would hand alter negatives of the stars to create the famous glamour photos.

Fun with Photoshop

Falling Down

I shot the background shot from the Zeppelin and thought it would be fun to have someone falling out.   Maxym, a local model, was willing to give it a try.   I used the background image shadows as a reference for setting up my lights to create the proper shadows on my victim.

It took a while to get the fall look to work, as hair had to blow forward as she fell.    Maxym worked hard to get her arms and legs to look like she was flailing for her life.

In the end I am happy with the end result.  Pretty close to what I had in mind.   As with most photoshop projects, I am sure I will play with the more over time to refine the final result.

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona