Naturally Captivating

Beautiful and breathtaking while celebrating and capturing your pregnancy in nature! There are so many options you can choose when planning your Maternity photo shoot. One option is going a more natural way and connecting your shoot and your pregnancy with nature. There is definitely something breathtaking and pure about this soon to be mother in all her natural beauty and glow being captured in natural light and beautiful landscape in the distance.

Stars Embracing Maternity

If you’re camera shy, it may seem that having a maternity photo shoot is a crazy idea. When contemplating whether to do a maternity photo shoot during your pregnancy, remember that over the years many famous women have come out and celebrated their pregnancies with maternity photo shoots for major magazines. These women helped lead the way into appreciating and celebrating the natural beauty of the women while carrying their unborn child. Maternity photos not only celebrate this beauty and bond between mother and child, but the photos document such a wonderful time in their lives and they have these photos to embrace, remember and share for a lifetime!

Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore Pregnant Nude

Simply Beautiful!

When thinking about maternity photos, you might not tend to think of fine art or black and white. There are so many styles you can choose from when planning your Maternity Photo Shoot! This classy fine art nude maternity shot is not only artistic, but has a lovingly beautiful feel to it. The simple look shows off the beauty of your pregnancy with a sense of loving confidence and nurturing. In addition, these beautiful photos capture the most precious moments of such an exciting time and will last a lifetime!

Jessica Simpson’s Belly Obscene?

When Jessica Simpson showed a nude pregnancy photo on the cover of Elle, it created quite a stir in some cities.  Here in Arizona, some stores in Tucson got complaints that it was obscene.

Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore Pregnant Nude

Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore Pregnant

It was the same pose that Demi Moore had done many years earlier on the cover of Vanity Fair.  How is this anything but beautiful?   This is a classic maternity pose that every good maternity photographer will provide for their clients who want it.

Don’t miss out on capturing the beauty of your pregnancy.  You may not want to be as bold as these two, but we will always create some amazing memories.


Sexy Boudoir Photography and Model Portfolios

So many fun shoots this week I thought I would share two of them.  The first was a photo shoot with model Oksana who need commercial photographs for her modeling agency.  We shot a wide variety of sets both in the studio and on location.   Here are a few of shots created for her modeling portfolio.

Another great shoot was a boudoir photography session in an amazing hotel.  The idea was to create sexy photographs that appeared as if the light was streaming in thru the window.  With a few photographic and lighting tricks, this image was created and she agreed to let it be shown in the blog.

It is going to get busy when the holidays arrive, so book early and save.

E-mail me at to get coupons just in time for the holidays!

Great Week, Published and more

This week my big news is I have another cover on the newsstands.   I photographed Elle in a very sexy and intimate set of photographs for College Gentleman magazine.  The shoot was all about glamour and teasing, never showing too much.   Have to leave something to the imagination.

Elle in College Gentleman Boudoir Glamour Sexy Lingerie Orcatek Photography Phoenix photographer Dean Farrell

Elle didn’t even complain when we ran out of hot water – LOL.  What a trooper she was.

Elle gets wet College Gentleman Boudoir Glamour Sexy Lingerie Orcatek Photography Phoenix

This week I also taught several photography classes.  I enjoy working with other photographers to help them get better at the art.

Next week is going to be full of surprises.

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Wanna play some Football?

Sure a lot of people are watching the world cup, but some of still like our football. Of course when you have players like this, we all know why.
Play Football Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek
So this will be one of the new themes for my boudoir photography clients. Of course I putting together other sports themes too. These make fun additions to boudoir calendars.

The week also had some fun headshot clients, a future super model updated her portfolio and some future moms had some maternity photography to capture the beauty of their pregnancy. Next week has some newborn photography, a nature photography class and I will be able to show some of my recent magazine tear sheets now that they have been printed.

Sometimes less is more for boudoir photography

I have always said that for boudoir photography to achieve its goal it needs to inspire the imagination. And that means keeping some things under wraps. If you show it all, then the imagination has nothing left to do and the photograph becomes less interesting.

We want the mind to think about is what is going to happen next. What we might have seen had something been moved just a bit more. It is the idea that we are sneaking a peek, or what we weren’t supposed to see that adds to the excitement of the image.
Boudoir Photography Phoenix Sexy Private Glamour Photographer Arizona Orcatek

This photograph is a perfect example of a sexy boudoir image. The male mind thinks if the shirt had been pulled open a tad more or lifted up a bit I might have seen something that he wants to see. And that idea is why it works. Had we been “flashed” then the mystery would have been lost and the sexy surprise the photographer wanted you to think about would be lost.

Just think about the tease and when you come in for your boudoir photography session.

Pin-up, Fine Art Nudes and More!

Another very busy week here at Orcatek Photography! Shot several amazing women in boudoir and glamour photography sessions. There are going to be some very happy guys out there soon!

And of course there was more classic pin-up photography. This style is becoming very popular and is a lot of fun to shoot.

Of course there were some headshots for some future stars. Fun shoots as they are always so full of personality.

And I also did some fine art nude photography. These images are often requested by my clients as additions to their boudoir photography sessions.

Looking at next week’s schedule it should be another great week with lots of variety.