Holiday’s are upon us

Sexy Christmas photo of gal in Santa hat with red boa by Phoenix Boudoir Photographer Orcatek

Holiday season is a time photographs.  Family portraits are created for Christmas cards to send to everyone.  We want to share the changes in our family over the past year.  Maybe there is a new addition or maybe everyone just a year old and better looking!

Of course there is one of the favorite gifts, sexy boudoir photographs.   Read more about how boudoir makes a great gift here.

Another popular gift is photography lessons.  Maybe they are getting a new camera, and maybe they just want to learn to take better pictures.

Of course if you know someone who is expecting, a gift certificate for a maternity photo session is a great gift idea too.

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What a fun week

I had an amazing array of clients over the past week.  I have numerous students take private photography lessons.   I really enjoying helping other photographers develop their photography skills.

An old friend from high school need senior portraits for her daughter.  We did a mix of location and studio shots.  It was fun to catch up while her daughter was changing outfits.

Outdoor senior portrait

Also this week a shot a great deal time enjoying time as a pin-up photographer.   Pin-up is always a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Lots of laughing going on as we try to capture those flirty looks of classic pin-up.

Sexy cook checking recipe in here cookbook in this retro pin-up art © Orcatek Photography - Phoenix

I take the base photo from the shoot and convert it to an pin-up illustration using way too many steps in Photoshop.  I like the end result, so I will keep doing it.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.   I know I ate too much.

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The Magic of Retouching

An example of portrait and headhshot retouching by phoenix photographer, Orcatek.Most high end photography today is retouched.  The amount of retouching I do really depends on the type of photograph.  For example an actor’s headshot will get a retouch which just does a basic clean-up.  An actor needs to look like their headshot when they come to the casting.

Now for family and senior portraits the retouching can be a little bit heavier.  Some extra polish on the skin, removal of scars and softening of lines.

Of course the most retouching can be done for boudoir photos.   These photos are about fantasy and glamour.  So super smooth skin and even sometimes some digital plastic surgery all in line with creating that final look.

Great retouching makes the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.   Today retouching is done in Photoshop.   In the past it was done in the dark room.  Hollywood had teams of retouchers that would hand alter negatives of the stars to create the famous glamour photos.

Busy week, published again

Shot a wonderful actor named Nick Dee this week.  He need some new headshots to keep current.   We had a great time during the shoot and the resulting headshot photographs were just what he was looking for.  Here is one of the ones he went with.

Nick Dee headshot orcatek photography phoenix portrait photographer arziona

Whenever an actor gets a set of headshots, they usually get a couple of variations.  A dramatic version and a more commercial version (smiling typically).    The proper look in  a headshot can make all the difference.

Some more of my boudoir photographs were published again this week.  It is always fun for a photographer to have your work recognized.  This series of shoots will be on newsstands in just a few day.  I can give a little peak at one of the photographs.

College Gentleman Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Las Vegas Nevada Orcatek Lingerie Elle

This series of boudoir photos was about being tasteful and sexy.  Elle was a great model for this shoot.  Keep an eye out for her, as I think we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

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Dean Farrell, Photographer, Orcatek Photography, Phoenix, Arizona

Creating a self-portrait is a learning experience for a photographer.  There are two key things I was reminded about making this portrait.

First, it is very important that I make sure that I make my clients feel comfortable.  Having no one to interact with made it hard for me to relax for the camera.  Once you relax, your photographs can begin to show the real you.   Music is a great way to set the mood for boudoir and modeling clients, so I tell them to bring their own if they would like.  And of course a steady stream of conversation.  It doesn’t really matter what you talk about, just something to keep the focus away from posing for the camera.

The second thing I learned was how hard it is to choose a photograph.   I went through and selected my ideas and then had my family make their selections.  It was interesting to see that they picked different photographs from me.  In fact they didn’t really care for my favorite.  It showed me how difficult it is for my clients to make decisions, and why they sometimes don’t choose the photos that I believe are some of the best.

Now I have developed some techniques in the studio for choosing the photos.   I have had several clients tell me how much easier it makes the choices.  Hopefully I will be able to find a way to put this process on-line for my clients.

Every photographer should create a self-portrait every once in a while.  It helps to put things back in focus.  (yes, cheesy photography pun.)

Summer is here, keeping busy

Busy week this week. Had fun maternity photography session, some headshots and couple of amazing boudoir photography sessions.

One of my favorite shoots this week was one with a young model named Jillian. She wanted some photographs to start her portfolio. She was very interested in creating a fashion look. Working with young models is always fun as you never know how they will be in front of the camera.

Some are shy and others are just bouncing off the wall with energy. Either way, my job as a photographer is to bring their personality out in the photographs and also push them in new directions to create a diverse modeling portfolio.
Model Portfolio Photography Phoenix Headshot photographer arizona beauty pageant photography tempe scottsdale

We shot both in studio and on location. We had to get an early start as summer is here and we don’t want to be outside much. Jillian was a trooper and we got some great outdoor shots. We then moved to the cool studio for the remainder of her shoot. Music and AC make for a fun shoot.

Later this week I am doing a shoot for Flashes of Hope, a great organization. Check back as you will want to read about this shoot.

Rock On

Had a great week this week. A fun group of clients. Some amazing women came in for their boudoir photography sessions. Some future stars updated their actor headshots. A glowing mom to be got her maternity photographs done. And several models came in for updates to their portfolio.

One of those models was a young lady named Jonell who wanted a variety of looks for her portfolio. One of my favorite themes from her shoot was the rocker chick photo.
Model Portfolio Photography Phoenix Arizona Musician Band Photography
Creating a faux environment in the studio is always fun. Of course we had the stereo cranked up to create the proper mood.

Next week looks to be fun too. It’s great when your job let’s you have so much fun.

Irena – Pageant Winner

I had the chance to week to photograph a very fun young lady. We had a lot of fun creating different looks during her time in the studio. She is very interested in fashion, so we did some shots that you might find in a models portfolio.
Model Portfolio Photography Phoenix Headshot photographer arizona beauty pageant photography scottsdale
As a photographer, I always love it when my clients aren’t afraid to be a bit silly as it often yields some amazing photography. Irena was one of the those girls who just had fun with it. Come back next week for some surprises.

Kaidynce – Future Star

I found Kaidynce at a pageant a few weeks ago, and she was just full of personality. So I brought her into the studio to get some shots of her to see if it carried through on camera. As you can see from these few samples, it did.

Kaidynce was a real pleasure to work with. I asked her to show me some different expressions, are these are a few of what I got.

Model Portfolios

So you want a modeling portfolio.   A model’s portfolio is her resume.  It shows what she has done or is capable of doing.  Before going out and getting a portfolio done, contact the agency you want to work with and see what they prefer to see.  Some don’t want anything more than basic photos showing what you look like. 

A portfolio should include at least a casual head shot, a fully styled head shot (hair and make-up professional done), body shot (swimsuit is ideal, or lingerie), a fashion shot, action/lifestyle shot and even an editorial or catalogue shot.   Key is not to put styles you don’t want to work from in your portfolio, ie don’t have several lingerie shots if you don’t want that type of work.  Include at least one B&W shot.Fashioin-Photography-Phoenix-9-14

Over time you replace old photos with new ones.  Best of all is to add tear sheets from work you have done.  Tear sheets get their name from pages being torn out of magazines showing a model’s work.

Your best two pictures show be the first and last.  If the first shot doesn’t catch their eye, they may not go much further thru your book.  And you want the last shot to be remembered so you close on a high.  Very often the first shot is the made-up headshot.

It is better to have fewer great pictures than a lot of average pictures.   Standard book prints are 9×12 and contain a max of 20 photographs.   It is better to have only 10 great photographs, as quality is key.   Yes, I’m repeating myself, but it is an important point.

You need a mix of environments.  This means some location work and some studio work.  Don’t use two shots of the same outfit.  Pick the best one.

You need two good headshots.  One should be the made-up shot mentioned before and the other with minimal make-up and retouching.  Ideally your hair will be back on the second shot as they really want to get a good look at your face as you are naturally.

Beware of agencies that want you to pay them or their photographer to get your portfolio made.  If they won’t let you use your own photographer, run, run away fast.  It is fine for them to have suggested photographers.

Modeling can be a fun and rewarding career.   Photographs are a major expense that you will be paying.  Be sure to get what you need, when you need it.

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona