Digital in the Studio

This week I had the chance to work with a wide variety of clients, with all different needs.   They all had one thing in common though; they wanted to look great and were nervous about getting their picture done.


The advantage of using a digital camera quickly becomes obvious.  There are several major benefits to using a digital camera.  It becomes a valuable tool in putting a client at ease.


First with the instant feed back you can show them instant feedback from the rear of the camera as to what the shots are looking like.  Clients what to know that they are “doing it right” when giving them direction.  By showing how good the photography looks, they can relax and make the pictures even better.


Second it allows for proofing during a shoot.  When shooting a head shot I will shoot in batches.   Shoot a batch review on a computer to either select a shot, or use as a point of discussion to discover what they like and tune the shoot to get the shot they desire.  Very often when the client sees the shots on the computer they find that they like a pose that they had never considered.


And of course digital allows for quick deletion of those really bad shots where clients blink or anything else.   This gives the client a much better set of proofs from which to select their photographs.


Lastly digital allows the photographer to capture more frames.  The cost per frame is much lower than film.  I find photographers in the digital age more willing to experiment, knowing that it is very cheap to do so. 


I know digital has made my clients happier, and it has made me more productive.   


Orcatek Photography – Phoenix

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