Family & Giving Thanks!

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is the time to rejoice and celebrate with your family and loved ones and a reminder of the importance of embracing every moment together. In addition, your beautiful newborn baby changes and grows so quickly and you don’t want to miss a moment of it. A wonderful option we offer with your maternity photo shoot is to include a newborn shoot. We will capture your little one within the first couple of weeks of them arriving and another shoot a little further on. These moments are so precious that you don’t want to miss a moment. Let us capture these moments so you can celebrate these memories forever!

Sleeping Baby Newborn

Bonding Moments

So adorable! What could be more precious than a father and his newborn son sharing a moment together? Not only is a Maternity photo shoot so important to document the exciting time waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, but it also essential to have a Newborn photo shoot once your baby arrives. A beautiful and fun option with the newborn shoot is to include both parents. Here we have a precious black and white shot of the father with his new son. These photos are so precious and will last a lifetime along with all of the memories that are made during this exciting time.

Father and Son

Maternity Fine Art

When it comes to your maternity photo shoot, there are so many options and choices for your shoot. A beautiful and simple option for some of your photos is the black and white fine art look. This option turns a simple shot into an artistic image like this shot of our soon to be mother’s belly. The use of creative lighting and shadow technique turns this baby bump into a beautiful piece of artwork. This photo not only captures this exciting time in your life waiting for your child to arrive, but could be framed and celebrated hanging on the wall of your home!

Classic B&W Maternity Belly

Big Sister Bond!

What could be more precious than to include your daughter or son in some of your photos for your maternity photo shoot! This is such an exciting time while waiting for your new bundle of joy to arrive and for the big sister to be able to be a part of the photo shoot waiting for her new brother or sister to arrive! There are so many cute ideas when planning your maternity shoot, but adding a sibling should definitely be included!

Capturing the Milestones!

When planning your Maternity photo shoot, a great thing to think about is that we offer packages that include a newborn shoot and an additional shoot on your baby’s 6th Month mark and/or 1st birthday included with your original maternity shoot! Time seems to fly by so fast from the moments of celebrating your pregnancy all the way to your baby’s 1st birthday this time is so precious and the milestones and memories should be professionally captured to cherish for a lifetime!

A Mother’s Reflection

When it comes to your Maternity photo shoot, sometimes simple is most beautiful. This moment with our soon to be mother holding onto her pregnant belly is priceless. She’s casually dressed and is taking in the moment and reflecting on the love she has for her baby. These beautiful moments captured in a Maternity photo shoot are so important and precious to have for the future. Life seems to happen so fast and taking the time to celebrate and document all the moments of you and your baby’s life will always last a lifetime!

Black and white pregnancy photo called thinking of the future by Phoenix Maternity Photographer Orcatek

Wish Upon A Star

I love you to the moon and back! A fun and playful maternity shot should always be included into your maternity photo shoot! This fun, out of this world take on our soon to be mother’s belly is unique and artistically done to provide you with a really cool shot that years down the road your child will enjoy and appreciate showing how they were brought into this world. You can always dream up any fun and unique ideas you come up with and we’ll try and bring your maternity vision to life!

Space Maternity Photographer in Phoenix AZ

Maternity Mixture!

When it comes to your Maternity photo shoot, there are so many different options you can include. An artistically beautiful option is Fine Art Maternity. The black and white photography along with creative lighting use and shadows creates an artistic look that not only documents this exciting time in your life, but is breathtakingly beautiful and would look stunning framed on your wall. We can combine a couple beautiful images into one unique photo!

Radiant While Expecting!

It is such an exciting time for future parents while waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive. You not only need to have photos to capture and document this time, but why not add a little fun and have your significant other join you in your Maternity Photo Shoot! This beautiful black and white maternity speaks for itself. Our father to be joins in during the maternity shoot for a few couple’s maternity shots. Along with the use of creative lighting and shadows, this black and white shot captures the bond of our soon to be parents and their celebration of love and the next exciting stage of their lives together.


Embracing Maternity

Some women haven’t even heard of, let alone contemplate have a maternity photo shoot and others worry that it seems too crazy. When contemplating whether to do a maternity photo shoot during your pregnancy, remember that over the years many famous women have come out and celebrated their pregnancies with maternity photo shoots for major magazines. These women helped lead the way into appreciating and celebrating the natural beauty of the women while carrying their unborn child. Maternity photos not only celebrate this beauty and bond between mother and child, but the photos document such a wonderful time in their lives and they have these photos to embrace, remember and share for a lifetime!

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