Be a covergirl in tasteful boudoir.

When you go to your favorite newsstand today, check out the latest issue of College Gentleman Magazine.  I photographed the cover and the correspond photo shoot inside.   The magazine is all about tasteful sexy  boudoir photography.   When I had a pre-release copy out for lunch, several of the staff walked by and commented on how hot they found the cover.

College Gentleman Cover Magazine tasteful Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona sexy Photographers intimate Orcatek

I was selected to do this shoot because of my experience making woman look sexy and beautiful in intimate photographs.

I frequently hear “sure you can make a model look great, but I’m no model.”    The same tricks I use to make the girls in the magazines look perfect are what I use for my boudoir and glamour clients. My goal as your photographer is to make you look like you belong in a magazine.