Mar 3 2014

Boudoir Style Maternity

What you ask, sexy maternity photos.  Well maybe not sexy, but photos that focus on the glamour and beauty of pregnancy.  I want your photos to hi-light your beauty at this time in your life.   That pregnant glow makes for some amazing photographs.

Feb 3 2014

Black and White

As a photographer I find black and white to be one of my favorite styles for maternity photography.  The absence of color brings a different feeling to your photos.   It becomes more about the beauty of the shapes.  So consider B&W as an option.

Jan 3 2014

Take Care

When you think about your new baby, just remember, what you eat, they eat.   So during this time try to eat extra healthy.  Your new baby will thank you.

And of course, if you eat healthy, you will have that beautiful pregnancy glow for your photographs.   As your maternity photographer, I want you to look your best.

Sep 28 2013

Is the New Year bringing a new baby?

If the New Year has a baby in it, you are very lucky.  There is so much planning that goes into new child that you are very busy.   One thing I suggest is find a way to spend as much time with your baby as possible during the first few years especially.  It will reap benefits for many years to come.

Good luck and hope your baby is happy and healthy!

Sep 14 2013

Who’s clock is ticking

Not your’s, you already expecting.  Congratulations!  A new child is a wonderful addition to your life.

You will want to remember this time for the future.   I would be happy to be your maternity photographer.

Sep 1 2013

Somebody’s Pregnant

We probably all know someone who is expecting.  A great baby shower gift would be a certificate for some maternity photos.   You and few friends could get together to give this special gift.

Or maybe some newborn photos would make a better gift.  Either way, photos are a gift that will last a lifetime.



Apr 1 2013

Back to back shoots

This past few weeks I have a lots of last minute maternity photography sessions followed by newborn photos a few weeks later.  It is always fun to see clients so soon after their maternity shoots.



Oct 25 2012

How big is too big

Sometimes I get asked is it every too late to get maternity photographs done.  The answer is no.  I have had moms to be come in just a few days before delivery.   So the choice is really up to you if you decided you want the capture your pregnancy at the last minute, it is still an option.

Your photographer will work with you to get the best possible photos of your belly bump no matter the size.

Sep 11 2012

Cord Blood

Cord Blood has been found to be an amazing way to treat many diseases.  I am sure you have all heard about stem cells, which cord blood is rich in.  These cells have been used to treat diseases that otherwise would not have as good a prognosis.

So, yes, cord blood may someday save your child’s life.  In some cases it may save a siblings life.  Hopefully you will never need to use your cord blood, but it is a good insurance.

This is why I have set up with Alpha Cord to get a discount for this service.  Just send us a message via the contact page, and I will send you everything you need.   Even if you do not have your photos taken here.

I feel so strongly about how important this is, that I will send you the discount just for asking!

Aug 7 2012

Twins and More

I’ve had a recent trend. In the past month I have photographed several women who were pregnant with twins and triplets. With the baby bump getting big fast, they came in much earlier for their maternity photography.

I’m sure it was just an odd coincidence and not something in the water LOL.  Everyone seem really excited about this, which I love to see.   As this joy comes through in the photographs.

Good luck to all you wonderful moms.   See you soon for your newborn photo sessions!