Maternity Fine Art

With so many options to choose from with the look and feel of your maternity photos, a great option to include into your shoot is some Fine Art Photographs. The look and feel of the black and white photographs and the use of light and shadows create unique photos that are not only capturing the moments of this exciting time in your life, but are beautiful enough to frame and hang on the wall of your home. Whatever looks you choose, these moments will be captured and last a lifetime.

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Maternity Silhouette

There are so many options when it comes to your maternity photo shoot. This beautiful silhouette of our soon to be mother is an example of some of the unique shots that can be included in your shoot bringing a fine art artistic feel to your photos. This type of shot can be framed and hung artistically, or added to a book full of all your different images documenting this exciting time in your life.

Silhouette photo of pregnant woman



‘The Baby’ Coming Soon!

How fun! Our expecting couple shared a maternity shoot together and had an incredibly fun, bonding experience. We created one of their beautiful shots into a movie poster entitled “The Baby”. This not only was an intimate experience for our soon to be parents, but they also have a fun keepsake that they can share with family and friends and will be a precious keepsake to document such an exciting time in their lives!

Baby Movie Poster Maternity



Family Bond

An option for your maternity photo shoot is to include the rest of the family for some beautiful bonding shots that unite the family together. This photo displays the loving protective hands of our family waiting for the arrival of it’s newest member! These photos will last a lifetime and capture the perfect moments during such an exciting time for the family.

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek.

Couples Maternity Bond

A maternity photo shoot is a must for expecting mothers! The photos that you will have to document such an exciting time while waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive will last a lifetime. In addition to the many creative, beautiful and fun photos we can shoot, a great option is to bring along the soon to be father and include him in a few shots in your maternity shoot. We can shoot many different shots including this one that is perfect for family and friends and announcing your pregnancy to the world!

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Out of This World!

This creative maternity shot appears to be out of this world! The black and white photography along with creative lighting and playing with the shadows, creates an awesome image of our soon to be mother’s pregnant belly in connection to the universe. This shot creates an incredible image to frame and hang and also provides a memory that will last a lifetime of this exciting time waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive!

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First Photo Shoot!

This adorable newborn baby had her first Orcatek Photo shoot this week! Not only is a Maternity photo shoot important and special to capture the moments leading up to the birth of your beautiful baby, but adding on a Newborn photo shoot will capture the early moments that slip by so fast. We can set up your Newborn shoot along with your Maternity shoot and create a nice package for you! Baby’s first photo shoot is priceless!