Pin-Up Fun!

An option for a few looks during your Maternity Photo Shoot is to add a sense of humor and fun! This expecting mom chose a Pin-Up touch to her maternity shoot. We were able to take some of her fun and beautiful shots and turn them into fun, old fashioned looking advertisement posters! Regardless of what type of maternity looks you want to try, we’ll help create and document this exciting time in you and your family’s life that will last a lifetime!

Maternity Pin-up

Mother and Daughter

There are so many choices when it comes to your Maternity Photo Shoot. You can choose from Fine Art black and white artistic looks to fun and playful or even natural outdoor shots. One fun and beautiful choice is to include family members into your shoot. The whole family is excited about the arrival of your little bundle of joy and especially siblings waiting for their new little brother or sister. This shot is a precious moment caught between mother and daughter before the baby arrives. Photos like these are so precious and can be treasured throughout the years after your new baby arrives.

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Baby Name Announcement!

This colorful, beautiful shot speaks for itself. This is a fun way to celebrate your soon to be bundle of joy by announcing and documenting their name you chose for them. These photos will be a treasure someday to remember and share with your child throughout their life. It is also a fun photo to share with family and friends to announce the baby’s name you chose!


Black and White Maternity

Sometimes keeping it simple is beautiful. When it comes to your maternity photo shoot, there are so many options and choices for your shoot. A beautiful and simple option for some of your photos is the black and white fine art look. This option turns a simple shot into an artistic image like this shot of our soon to be mother’s belly. The use of creative lighting and shadow technique turns this baby bump into a beautiful piece of artwork. This photo not only captures this exciting time in your life waiting for your child to arrive, but could be framed and celebrated hanging on the wall of your home.

Black and white pregnant belly

Newborn’s First New Year!

New Year…Newborn! The new year is always exciting and especially when you have your new bundle of joy to celebrate it with. As we all know, time seems to fly by and if we’re not careful we might miss those special moments. Along with your maternity photo shoot, we always recommend setting up your newborn photo shoot. We can capture your little one within the first two weeks of their birth and again throughout their first year. You have enough to take care of celebrating and taking care of your newborn, so let us take care of capturing all those special first year moments!

Beautiful Eyes Newborn

New Year Moments

The new year is finally here and your baby will be arriving soon too! This is such a magical and exciting time and all of these moments should be captured and documented…from your pregnancy and all the way through your baby’s first year and beyond. Time seems to go so fast and it’s easy to miss all the changes and growing that happens once your baby is born. Let us help you capture these moments so you can always remember and share as life unfolds.


New Year Wishes!

It’s almost the new year, and if you’re expecting you know it’s going to be an exciting new year. Full of new life, new love and overwhelming joy. Whether you’re starting your family or adding an addition to your family, let the joy of the new year be the start of this exciting, beautiful time for all. Remember that love, peace and joy is what life is all about with your family and loved ones. Happy New Year!

Heart hands Maternity Photo

Precious Memories

This little cutie is all ready for the holidays! He’s definitely been good…and even if he hasn’t, he’s so cute Santa couldn’t help but to leave him some toys! Life moves so fast and it’s so important to document and capture all the special moments. From a maternity photo shoot to newborn photos and a first year celebration shoot…these memories are so precious and you’ll have the photos to cherish each one of them. Happy Holidays!


Fine Art Maternity

There are so many different options when it comes to your maternity photo shoot. An artistically beautiful option is Fine Art Maternity. The black and white photography along with creative lighting use and shadows creates an artistic look that not only documents this exciting time in your life, but is breathtakingly beautiful and would look stunning framed on your wall.

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Mother’s Love

This moment with our soon to be mother holding onto her pregnant belly is priceless. She’s casually dressed and is taking in the moment and reflecting on the love she has for her baby. These beautiful moments captured in a Maternity photo shoot are so important and precious to have for the future. Life seems to happen so fast and taking the time to celebrate and document all the moments of you and your baby’s life will always last a lifetime!