Jul 18 2014

Creativity and Maternity!

When it comes to maternity shoots, the sky’s the limit with creative ideas. Anything you might imagine, we can help you bring to life in your shoot. There are so many choices including black & white, color, fun, sexy, fine art, including your significant other, the whole family and you may even follow up with an additional shoot once your beautiful baby is born. Have fun, be creative and we’ll bring your visions to life…

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Jul 11 2014

Maternity/Boudoir Shoot

This week’s maternity photo shoot included two styles of photos. First we did a complete maternity photo shoot of our beautiful expecting mother celebrating her pregnancy. The photos were soft and loving and will create great memories of this exciting time. Next, our expecting mother wanted to give a sexy, intimate gift to the father-to-be. For this second shoot she did a Boudoir style type of shoot to show off her sexy side of being pregnant. These personal photos will definitely make the perfect personal, sexy, loving gift for her significant other!

Jul 6 2014

The Nature of Maternity

Capture the beauty of you and your maternity in nature. The softness of natural light and beauty of the environment enhance the natural glow of out expecting mother.

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Jun 29 2014

Creativity with Maternity

There are so many creative ways to capture your maternity. Use your imagination and the sky’s the limit!

Space Maternity Photographer in Phoenix AZ

Sunrise Over Pregnant Belly

Jun 21 2014

Fine Art Maternity

A beautiful and creative way to capture your pregnancy is with a Fine Art Maternity Photo Shoot. The black and white, shadows and lighting techniques provide an artistic and sexy feel to your photos.


Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc












Jun 15 2014

Family Maternity Shoot

A fun, beautiful option for your maternity photo shoot is to include your family. What a great way to celebrate and capture your pregnancy with the soon to be father and big brother or sister. These precious photos will share a special bond and last a lifetime.


Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek.








Jun 8 2014

Creative Pin-Up Maternity Photos!

Maternity photos often tend to be intimately styled to show the beauty and loving nature of an expecting mother. This traditional type of shoot is often very soft and caring; however, it is also possible to have some fun with maternity photos. Creativity and imagination come together beautifully in a pin-up style shoot and display a fun loving nature of the soon to be mother!


Maternity Pin-up

Maternity Pin-up “You’re a Daddy!”

May 29 2014

Expecting With The Perfect Gift

Chances are we all know someone special who is expecting. What an exciting time it is to enjoy and celebrate. It is a time to capture and cherish forever. What could be a better gift idea than a maternity shoot for the beautiful mother to be? Give her the gift that will last a lifetime!!!

May 12 2014

Black and White Rocks

When color photography first came out, everyone was excited.  Now we could see things in the colors they actually are seen.   Slowly over time black and white faded out and was seldom used.   Along came digital and it started in color as we expected color from digital, just like we did from our film.

Now black and white images get noticed as they stand out from the sea of color photographs.  They add an artistic value in the eyes of many consumers of photography.  They create a feeling and look that just isn’t there in color.

Black and white pregnancy photo called thinking of the future by Phoenix Maternity Photographer Orcatek

Finding the light in maternity photos

Take the image show here.  It would be very different in color.  Sure it would contain more information about the tone of her skin, is she pale, tan, darker or lighter than you.  In black and white it is difficult to infer.  What becomes more important is the shapes and how light catches it.

Shadows vs light become the key to defining an image.  Creating a digital image is not as simple as choosing black and white on your camera or in Photoshop.  You need to plan ahead of time to create the textures and mood you desire.   Lighting will be planned differently to get the contrast desired.

Sure I use the B&W setting on my camera to preview the idea.  I also tweak those settings to fit my vision of the shot to aid in my set-up.

Colored filters are often used to create to change the color relationships when converted to black and white.  In color it would throw a skin tone way off, but in black and white it can enhance or reduce features as you desire.

I like to explore black and white when create maternity images as it brings them to another level.  I find clients all love seem to love it too.

Mar 3 2014

Boudoir Style Maternity

What you ask, sexy maternity photos.  Well maybe not sexy, but photos that focus on the glamour and beauty of pregnancy.  I want your photos to hi-light your beauty at this time in your life.   That pregnant glow makes for some amazing photographs.