One Year Celebration!

In addition to our Maternity Photography, we also offer packages that include a newborn shoot and an additional shoot on your baby’s first birthday along with your original maternity shoot! Time seems to fly by so fast and from the moments of celebrating your pregnancy all the way to your baby’s 1st birthday this time is so precious and the milestones and memories should be captured to cherish for a lifetime!


Maternity Magic

This beautiful Maternity image shows off our soon to be mother in an almost magical, nostalgic aura of light. When it comes to maternity there are so many options of looks we can do for you from a fine art black and white, pin-up or even fun and loving shots with your partner or soon to be siblings. This magical shot not only captures the beauty of our mother to be, but captures and documents such an exciting time in her life and will last a lifetime!


Casual Couple’s Maternity

It’s always so much fun for the soon to be father to join in during a maternity shoot. A few couple’s maternity shots included in the shoot are priceless and create a bond that is captured for all of time. This casual, hipster shot has a fun and playful feel to the unbreakable bond these to share while celebrating the excitement they feel waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive!


Classy Fine Art Maternity

There are so many options to play with when creating your maternity photo shoot. We can create fun, colorful options all the way to black and white fine art maternity shots. This type of shot uses creative light and shadows along with the wardrobe that you choose to create a classy artistic style to your photos. These images are beautiful framed and hung as artistic pieces, as well as cherishable images that document such an exciting time in your lives!

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Future Big Sister!

Our soon to be big sister creatively places ‘baby’ building blocks on Mom’s baby belly while she anticipates the arrival of her new brother or sister. A wonderfully creative option with your maternity photo shoot is to include the soon to be sisters and brothers into your shoot. It’s an excitingly fun way to include the family and capture and document this exciting time for the rest of time!

Baby blocks on pregnant belly by Phoenix maternity photographer, Orcatek

Couple’s Maternity Bond

A beautiful addition to your Maternity Photo Shoot is to add some couple’s maternity shots. The beautiful photos of the two of you loving, soon to be parents creates an image of love and an unbreakable bond. The photos are not only artistically beautiful, but document and celebrate this precious time in your lives that you can share with your child in the future.

Tisa and Harold Maternity couples maternity photography in Phoenix



Loving Bond

What could be a more precious moment captured and photographed than our soon to be mother and father wrapping their heart shaped hands together around their unborn child? Including shots like this into your maternity photo shoot are priceless during this exciting time in your lives waiting for the arrival of your beautiful bundle of joy!

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orcatek hand heart

Beautiful Black and White

This beautiful Fine Art Maternity shot adds a little bit of an artistic quality to our soon to be mother’s photo. The use of shadows and creative lighting along with the black and white photography create a piece of artwork that would be beautiful framed on the wall or in a collective photo book documenting this exciting time of your life waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive.

Maternity Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Pregnancy Orc

Precious Newborn Photos

This newborn cutie doesn’t seem to be a bit camera shy! Just as important as it is to have a maternity shoot to document and capture the life moments while you’re waiting for your beautiful bundle of joy to arrive, it is also important to set up your future newborn shoot at the same time so you aren’t left without those beautiful first moments of your newborn’s life. We usually set up the newborn shoot ahead of time at your maternity shoot so you don’t have to worry about those crazy few days when the baby arrives. We’ll professionally capture those precious photos while they’re just a couple weeks old as they change and grow so fast. You can spend your time with your precious little one and we’ll handle capturing those moments and documenting them for you.

Baby Faces