Sep 13 2014

It’s A Boy!

What a creative way to celebrate your maternity and announce the sex of your baby with your maternity photo shoot! A simple sheer fabric and flower in either blue or pink can add a fun touch to your photos and capture the excitement of your pregnancy!

Maternity Pregnancy where photographer uses blue fabric on belly in Scottsdale.

Baby Bump in Blue

Sep 7 2014

Sleepy Newborn

A beautifully creative option is to add on a newborn photo shoot to your maternity shoot. Your maternity photos celebrate your beauty and excitement while expecting and then we’ll photograph your beautiful new baby. These precious photos and memories will last a lifetime!

Sleeping Baby Newborn

Aug 30 2014

Classic Fine Art Shot

A classic fine art black and white shot of a the pregnant belly creating a beautifully artistic shot of such an exciting time!

Black and white pregnant belly

Aug 23 2014

Creative Maternity Shot

A very creative, artistic maternity shot taken from above while our mother-to-be extends her back and creates an interesting shadow.


Aug 16 2014

Newborn Shoot

Maternity and newborn photo shoots aren’t just for the expecting or new mothers. This father shows his love and pride with his newborn son. This incredible moment was captured between the two and the photos will last a lifetime!

Father and Son

Father and Son

Aug 9 2014

The Baby….coming soon!

What could be a more fun and creative way to celebrate and capture your pregnancy than creating a movie poster! It would be a fun bonding experience for you and your significant other to shoot and help design and the memories will be captured for a lifetime!

Baby Movie Poster Maternity

Aug 2 2014

Black & White Silhouette

A black and white maternity shoot can create a beautifully artistic and slightly sexy variety of photos, including this silhouette.

Silhouette photo of pregnant woman


Jul 26 2014

Maternity And Newborn Shoots

A fun idea to add on to your maternity shoot is including an additional shoot once your beautiful new baby arrives! You will create memories of your pregnancy and have adorable photos to show for a lifetime!

Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Jul 18 2014

Creativity and Maternity!

When it comes to maternity shoots, the sky’s the limit with creative ideas. Anything you might imagine, we can help you bring to life in your shoot. There are so many choices including black & white, color, fun, sexy, fine art, including your significant other, the whole family and you may even follow up with an additional shoot once your beautiful baby is born. Have fun, be creative and we’ll bring your visions to life…

Phoenix Maternity Photographer Portfolio


Jul 11 2014

Maternity/Boudoir Shoot

This week’s maternity photo shoot included two styles of photos. First we did a complete maternity photo shoot of our beautiful expecting mother celebrating her pregnancy. The photos were soft and loving and will create great memories of this exciting time. Next, our expecting mother wanted to give a sexy, intimate gift to the father-to-be. For this second shoot she did a Boudoir style type of shoot to show off her sexy side of being pregnant. These personal photos will definitely make the perfect personal, sexy, loving gift for her significant other!